Friday, September 22, 2017

McKenna gets married

McKenna got married on August 18.  It was so fun.  I had no responsibilites except to bring Grandma and Grandpa.  I didn't have to get a new dress or shoes or worry about refreshments.  Just show up and talk to 15 people that I knew!  I can do that.  She got married in the Payson Temple and had her reception at a place called Noah's.  It was super pretty and Michelle did a great job of decorating the place and getting the refreshments.

At the temple.  Grace, Hayden and Paula

Add Brooke to the group

Hayden, Mitchell and gma

Brooke, Grace and Brittney - Mitchell's wife


That is Brooke, but look at those trees in the background.  Michelle collected these tree branches, spray painted them white and put them in buckets and added lights.  They were super cool!

Jack, Nick and Abi

Andrew and Brooke

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