Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Columbia for the Mitchman

Our Mitchell is leaving for Columbia.  He had his missionary farewell.  Soo fabulous.  He looked soo handsome and did such a nice job.  He will be a fabulous missionary.  Lots of enthusiasm and excitement.  They won't be lacking in fun in columbia.  We always have fun when Mitchell is around.  We rock climbed (well, I didn't - too fat for the harness) and played laser tag with him a few weeks ago.  LOVE him.  Can't believe it will be two years before we see his smiling face again!!

Clemons Family and Mitchman

Michelle and Marti


Brooke and the Mitchman

Brooke and the Mitchman

Brooke and the Mitchman

a Championship Game

For the first time in 4 years, Andrew's football team made it to the playoffs.  They won the first game, and so they were in the last game for the Championship.  It snowed like CRAZY!!!   They played a great game in tons of snow.  It was really cold.  But they came up short and lost!  Good ending to a GREAT season..

Monday, December 17, 2012

The Sing a Long

My favorite thing at Christmas is the Song a Long at the Energy solutions arena.  we go and have an orchestra and we sing along with the words on the jumbo tron.  So we went.  Michelle and family didn't go because they went to a concert called forgotten carols.  she also took Brooke.  I didn't want to go (no money also was a deciding factor...) because I wanted to go to the sing a long.  We took Gma and Gpa.  Andrew and Abi were so fabulous about helping everyone into the arena.  price is right and we had treats for 1/2 price.  So we did our best to support them and had popcorn, nachos, chicken strips and fries, and a drink.  This was after we got the free donut.(I could have lived without the donut...and I love donuts).   I'll post the two pictures I took when. Figure it out how to get more memory without paying...

the Sing A Long makes me hate Christmas just a little bit less.  So did the nativity at Liberty park that we went to on Friday!  echos of Christmas.  Everyone should go to these functions...

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Full memory

So now I'm totally bummed...I started this blog....getting into taking pics and recording allow our family happenings....(which are Sooo many)....and now my Picasso album is full and I have  to pay for more storage.  My friend Heidi the expert blogger says she hasn't paid for any space at all...so now I have to figure out how to do that...in my spare time when I'm not eating Bon bons or blogging i need to figure out how to upload pics without saving to the album ....guess I ned get a laptop for,Christmas so I have something to use to figure it out.!!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A lost tooth

Jack lost his first tooth last night.  He came running up in the middle of the night to show me his tooth.  He put it under his pillow and the tooth fairy brought him $2.00.  WOW.  He was soo excited now he can put his name on the board at school.


Since I started that post, now Jack has lost BOTH of his front teeth.  All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth is his new favorite song...really he doesn't even know it.  He was soo excited he forgot to put the second tooth under his pillow for the tooth fairy.  Maybe I'll have to remind him tonight that he should do that!!  (I wouldn't want to miss out on two more dollars)  I had better remember to have TWO dollars in my wallet!

Jack at school when he lost his second tooth

Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Soccer Road trip

I don't think I have ever taken a road trip overnight before.  Really I just went with Abi and Brooke to St George for a soccer tournament.  Abi was the keeper and she did fabulous.  She played 3 games and lost them.  She did play on a way cool soccer field.  It was a brand new high school with a fabulous new field with turf.  Super fun to play there.  We have no pics because I lost my camera.(really I hint I was stolen by chilly willy some can have the memory card...).

We stayed at the Hampton Inn and it was fabulous.  thanks to Marti forgetting us such a great deacon the room!  Next time I need to bring my IHC ID for the IHC discount.  Okay next time I will.  (there will be no next them cuz we never go on road trips...) So we really did have fun.  the playing on the great field under the lights and being a great keeper was fabulous.  Other highlights was the buffet breakfast, and the entire 3 entree plate we all consumed alone from Panda Express,  and the rental car we had(because the white Kia got in a wreck so we had a rental car from the guys ins who hit her).
the real highlight was watching Duck Dynasty...?which had my favorite quoted. this fat guy came to the hardware store wearing overalls and NO shirt (which really is violent)  The other guy (also fat) said to him "Phillip, get on a shirt". Sooo funny.  I'll look for a pic of it...

My all time favorite quote "there are soo many Utah license plates here!!,

Michelle tended the little boys.  They had a choice to go on the trip or stay with Michelle.  They choose to say with her!! They went lawn mowing with Marti and to Scheels with Mitchell and Brittany.  And saw some cows and llamas.  Why would anyone want to go to St George when they could stay there!!!!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Fat blogs

so I have sworn off reading other blogs.  I don't want to read about their happy family with lots of money and no one has to work and see their nice houses. ..the only blogs I like to read are people who are dying or are fat or are a thrift decorator.  I really like the fat blogs the best.  Maybe I'll start one of those...oh my blog list I have a few fat blogs that are my favorite to read...

A rear ender

It finally happened.  Brooke got in a car wreck.  It was the other guys fault.  He rear ended her.  He was in a hurry because he was late to get his toes cut off...feel bad for the guy..  But got ins info.  Really wasn't worried because his license was imbedded in the bummer so we had his license plate!!!!  Everyone was fine (except for the toes).

if you look carefully that is the license plate of the car that hit her

license plate here

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Our favorite meal

Whenever Jack and Nick get to choose dinner, they ALWAYS choose French Dip sandwiches. So yummy and easy.  It is the one meal everyone eats...(well not Andrew.) 

Jack thinking he is soo funny!!

A jazz band concert

Andrew is in the Jazz Band at Mueller Park Junior High School.  He had a fall concert and he played the bass guitar.  Such a handsome bass player!  

A Halloween Train Ride

Our Favorite halloween thing to do is Go on this Halloween Train in Lindon.  It is a long line and not even sure how we know about it.  But it is super fun

waiting in our assigned seat for the train ride

Michelle waiting for her turn

McKenna, Jack and Nick

Andrew and Abi in their school sweatshirts waiting..

at the convenience store after...The Teletubies

Halloween 2012

So we are down to just two in the halloween parade at School.  We just have Nick and Jack that are still dressing up for hallowee.  (at least that I'm responsible for)  Nick is an Army guy and Jack is a Shark.  WE also came home to our kitchen cheaned and a dozen donuts for halloweed from Grandma and Grandpa.

Jack as the Shark

Nick as the Army Guy

Donuts from Grandma and Grandpa

Decoration on the outside of the box

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Football Playoffs and a Team Captain

Andrews Football team made it to the playoffs!  The first time since he has played football.  So fun to have a winning season.  The first playoff game, Andrew was the Team captain. They played against Hunter.  It was such a close game that we went into over time and finally won by one point.  SO BRAVES!!

Captain #61

andrew being the captain #61