Thursday, June 18, 2015

Golf lessons 2015

Nick and Jack have been taking Golf lessons.  They love it.  They go for an hour Monday through Thursday.  Jack won 5.00 for hitting a target and Nick won a pack of skittles for doing something good also.  They go Friday night and play 3 holes on the course.  Jack had his baseball game for the championship that night.  So they missed the last day of golf.  Nick also got some new clubs.  He was suppose to get them for Christmas but I forgot they were in the closet all wrapped.  I had hidden them and forgot them for Christmas...So I had to give them to him since they are not returnable.  Its easier when they have their own clubs.  Abi went to Golf league on Monday.  It is about 150 kids that meet on Mondays and get paired up and play a round of golf.  There are 3 girls and the rest boys.  Thats why I thought golf was such a great sport for a girl.

Summer time

June is kind of a strange summer month.  I teach Summer School (good money) and everyone else does not.  So they stay home.  Abi went to her golf club on Monday am.  Andrew is either at friends houses, working, or at friends.  He slept over at grandma's house for two days because it is closer to his friends houses and they were going to the gym in the am...

Sunday we had a party for McCall on graduating from college.  Yahoo.  Such a cool thing.  Nick decided to stay over night.  Well, he stayed 3 days...He had to wear Michelle's shirt and shorts so they could wash his clothes.  He also forgot his shoes.  Nothing like spending 3 days away with no shoes.  .  .He went to a movie, washed the car, went to Scheals (sporting good store) and Sonic.  He did do some dishes to earn his slushie at Sonic.  (I didn't even know that Nick knew how to do dishes)

Jack was soo mad that nick slept over for so long, that when Brooke went to get Nick, Jack tagged along and stayed over also.  He had to go mow with Marti since no one would be home during the day.  He was so glad to help out Marti with the blowing.  He also forgot his shoes.  I told Michelle to just borrow some of Mckenna's flip flops.   They stopped by to get some shoes on their lawnmower route and he came out with flip flops too.  Well, he can't find his shoes.  I wasn't home, but they are probably in the car or in the garage.

He can't be bothered to put them away.  Just throw them the most convenient place...

So Jack went with Michelle to Provo to the Food Truck festival.

Glad they have soo much fun with Michelle and her family!!!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Happy Birthday Jack - NINE

Jack turned 9.  Now comes the oh I can't believe how fast time goes part...Yes, its true, time goes fast.  He was born on 6/6/06 at 6:00.  He LOVES anything about sports.  He watches ESPN every day and watches sports all the time on TV.  He reads the sports page of the newspaper at Grandma's house and reads their Sports Illustrated Magazine.  He plays them all the time.  He makes me laugh, because he can tell you everything about any sports event, but won't read.  He ONLY reads the correct amt of time to get his book report finished and most of the time he wants me to read the book to him.  Really  just can't be bothered to read!  haha.  Jack is everything about fun, unless it involves driving somewhere.  He is concerned about how far things are if he decides to go. He hates shopping.  He wants you to go to Costco and then bring him home a smoothie and a churros.  NOPE.  doesn't work that way.

He played a great baseball game on his birthday.  He got two doubles, a triple and a single.  (I think)  A great catch on first base, and scored a few times.

Jack is wearing black standing on 2nd base

This is how Nick goes to Target

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


This car wreck is the pitts. I have talked to a ton of people....okay like 10....and every time another insurance person calls, i get sick to my stomach.  Really.  Then every time I have to drive somewhere, and go through an intersection, a little bit of anxiety surfaces.  I just think, if I get hit again. . . and every time Andrew goes somewhere in the car, it makes me nervous too.  I can't afford a wreck or the trauma of another one.  I hate being a basket of nerves.